/ Tim's Tech Tips: Concrete Processor Wear Component Maintenance

Tim's Tech Tips: Concrete Processor Wear Component Maintenance

Tim examines concrete processor wear maintenance and best practices


Genesis attachments are often associated with shears that are designed to process steel, for which blade maintenance and alignment are critical for proper operation.

Concrete processing tools also have wear components that need to be maintained, built up, and replaced as they wear and ultimately become less effective at processing material and protecting an attachment's structure.

Regular Service Intervals are Key

Whether a GRX, linkage tool or GDT, Genesis concrete processors spend most of their lives in extremely abrasive environments and require regular service intervals. Hard-surfacing is a common method for protecting surfaces and reducing component and structural wear. Hard-surfacing patterns and application instructions can be found in the product Safety & Operator’s Manuals



The functions of concrete shears and crushers

Picture4Bolt-on components, such as concrete cracker tips, pulverizer tooth beds and pulverizer teeth, do more than just crush concrete. Along with hard-surfacing, they also protect the holders, jaw surfaces and wear component seats. If these components wear beyond their intended service limit, permanent structural damage can occur, or the attachment may require substantial repair work prior to being put back into service.

Some wear components are available in casted material. These are intended to be used and discarded. Other wear components are made from billet steel that can be built-up and reused. In some cases, you can choose the material that is best for your operation, as Genesis may offer both.


Tools for managing wear

Gauging wear component life can be challenging. To help take some of the guesswork out of understanding how much wear component life remains and identify when teeth need service, Genesis offers processor tooth build-up templates. These templates, available for most concrete processor tooth profiles, are a valuable tool in your attachment maintenance toolbox. Contact the Genesis Parts Department to order.



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