/ What is Komatsu intelligent Machine Control (Komatsu iMC)? Do You Need It?

What is Komatsu intelligent Machine Control (Komatsu iMC)? Do You Need It?

Intelligent Machine Control represents a watershed moment for the construction and mining industry as it signaled a renewed focus on developing technology.

Construction equipment manufacturers continually explore new ways to improve their products. From new features to upgraded power or run time, manufacturers are committed to improving their products, while making life easier for end users.  

Komatsu iMC at a glance

Komatsu intelligent Machine Control is a fine example of the impact innovation can have on the industry. In April 2013, Komatsu created a revolution in the industry with the launch of its first D61EXi/PXi-23 “intelligent Machine Control” dozer. Just two years late in 2015, Komatsu added iMC to its PC210LCi-11 excavator, becoming the only manufacturer to offer a truly intelligent excavator system.  

Intelligent Machine Control represents a watershed moment for the construction and mining industry as it signaled a renewed focus on developing technology and features to support operators in the field while maintaining power and durability these industries have come to expect.  

To truly understand the impact iMC can have on these industries or an individual job site it’s important to explore the system’s benefits. It’s also important to explore the factors that should be considered to determine if the system is a good fit for your operations. 


The benefits of intelligent machine control

Komatsu iMC is factory integrated technology designed to enable operators to do their job better, faster and more safely. The system is available on a number of Komatsu hydraulic excavators used in many different types of construction and mining projects. 

The technology offers a number of key features and benefits, including: 

  • Auto stop control which prevents over-digging 
  • Auto grade assist which helps to deliver perfect grades 
  • Minimum distance control that helps to prevent damage to work surfaces 
  • Auto tilt control that intuitively adjusts the bucket to the designed working surface 
  • Bucket angle hold that maintains constant bucket angle for grading and trimming work 

These features are unmatched by any other excavator manufacturer, setting the Komatsu iMC excavator apart from the competition.  

The system enables easier excavator operation, more accurate and quality finished projects, optimized efficiency and productivity, and safer working areas for both operators and workers in the operating area. These benefits can have a significant impact on your bottom line and may quickly provide a solid return on an investment into an iMC enabled excavator. 

Since its launch, iMC has swept across machinery markets around the world, becoming the gold standard for smart and efficient equipment operation. Today, thousands of operators enjoy the enhanced precision and safety offered by the intelligent system. 


Is Komatsu iMC right for you?

Knowing if a solution or piece of equipment is right for your unique operations isn’t always as easy as seeing a list of features and benefits. There are many factors to consider, including up-front investment, cost of operation, potential benefits and more.  

How you plan to use a piece of equipment is also important to consider, as each application requires its own set of must-have capabilities and features. For example, if you are performing demolition, intelligent Machine Control may not offer the benefits you are looking for. However, if precision and control are key to optimal project delivery, the system does offer significant value.  

Our experts are here to help you explore the benefits and make an informed decision on all of your equipment purchases, including iMC. We work with you to examine your equipment needs, including intended application and budget to help you find the best fit for your business.  

Contact us today to learn more about Komatsu Intelligent Control and how Komatsu intelligent Machine Control can work for your business. 


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