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Six machines named to magazine’s list of best products deliverimprovements driven by in-the-field customer conversations

What does a new intelligent dozer, two excavators of vastly different sizes, a specialty pipelayer and two mid-to-large-size wheel loaders have in common? For one, they were named among the Top 100 products by Construction Equipment magazine. More importantly, they were built with new efficiency and production features
driven by customer input.

Among the prominent machines on the list are intelligent Machine Control 2.0 D51i-24 and D61i-24 dozers with integrated GPS technology that is proven to boost production by as much as 60%. They feature proactive dozing control that lets operators cut and strip like an experienced operator from first pass to last. (See related article on page 15 for additional features.)


Large, small excavators

Earthmoving companies of all sizes appreciate a basic digging machine that’s easily transported from job to job. They like it even better when the machine offers fast cycle times, deep digging capabilities and high production, such as the new PC130-11, according to Andrew Earing, Komatsu
Senior Product Manager.

“Mobility is a real asset with the PC130-11,” said Earing of the 28,660-pound excavator that digs more than 17 feet deep. “When a contractor finishes one job, they can quickly load this excavator and be on the way to the next site. When they get there, it’s a matter of minutes to unload and start digging. That increases production time.”

It is available with plus-one piping as an option, so you can run attachments for a wide range of applications and potentially boost profits. The much larger 200-ton class PC2000-11 mining excavator is built for high-volume digging and can move up to 17.9 cubic yards of material in a
single scoop.

“Customers told us they want better multifunction performance and productivity than the previous model and the competition,” said Joe Sollitt, Komatsu Senior Product Manager, Mining Support Equipment. “With more available engine horsepower, we were able to increase pump absorption and re-engineer the engine-pumpcontrol logic. In combination with a more efficient hydraulic  system, the PC2000-11 can load out more material per shift.”

Sollitt emphasized that Komatsu designed the 1,046-horsepower excavator for greater reliability and durability with thicker, stronger boom plates and castings that are highly resistant to bending and torsional stress. The center and track frame were strengthened, and it has larger diameter carrier rollers for extended service life. He added that a ground-level service center is standard, and the power module that service personnel grew to love was maintained.


Loaders prove more effective

Komatsu incorporated next-generation technology with considerable benefits to make its new WA475-10 wheel loader an ideal fit for quarry, waste, infrastructure, forestry and nonresidential applications. Feedback received in the field guided improvements, which made it 30% more fuel efficient than its predecessor, leading to savings that can potentially make you more competitive and profitable.

The WA475-10 has 18% greater horsepower but achieves increased fuel efficiency with its Komatsu hydraulic mechanical transmission. Contributing to better economy and productivity is the independent work equipment control that simplifies operation by separating the accelerator pedal from the speed of the work equipment.

To further boost productivity, the boom lift force was bolstered by 20% and breakout force increased by 8%. A new bucket design improves pile penetration and better retains material in load and-carry applications.

“Additional conversations with equipment users also led to an improved operating environment that includes an updated cab with floor-to-ceiling glass, ergonomically designed switch layouts and a fully adjustable five-axis console for enhanced operator comfort,” noted Bruce Boebel, Komatsu Senior Product Manager.

The WA800-8 wheel loader also has a new bucket shape that incorporates an increased radius and
floor inclination to make it easier to fill and retain material. The spill guard was adjusted to give operators improved visibility to the pile, and sweeper wings on either side protect the front tires. In larger quarry, aggregate and mining applications, the 254,700-pound machine is an ideal match for 60- to 100-ton trucks.

The loader features new, key automatic and semi-automatic systems that assist operators and contribute to productivity and efficiency. The three features can be used together or separately to automate the work phases when V-cycle loading, one of which is automatic dig to optimize bucket load. This actuates the bucket and lifting operations by sensing the pressure applied to the
work equipment.

A semi-automatic approach raises the boom automatically when reversing out of the pile. The lift arms elevate until reaching the upper setting of the boom positioner, allowing the operator to
focus on the travel path of the loader.

Semi-automatic dump raises the lift arms automatically and dumps the bucket with the push of a button. After dumping, it levels the bucket and returns the lift arms to the lower boom positioner setting; however, the lift arms will not lower until the bucket has cleared the truck.

“We also responded to customer requests by introducing a modulation clutch for optimal tractive effort and throttle lock that improves cycle times by maintaining high work-equipment performance and saving fuel with auto deceleration,” said Komatsu Product Marketing Manager Robert Hussey.


New pipelayer designed for exceptional stability

Komatsu worked closely with pipeline companies to develop its new D155CX-8 pipelayer that has an oval design nine-roller track with 12 feet, 10 inches of track on ground for stability. It also features 32-inch track shoes.

Heavy final drive components are close to the ground, which lowers the center of gravity. The rollers are fixed suspension and don’t oscillate like a dozer for greater ground contact.

With a 170,000-pound lift capacity, the D155CX-8 can handle up to 36-inch steel pipe. It has a K170 pipelayer package with a standard 24-foot boom length. An optional 28-foot boom is available.

“It’s essential that we get feedback from the contractors who will ultimately use a pipelayer like our new D155CX-8,” said Chuck Murawski, Product Manager, Dozers. “One item they recommended was a larger steering motor, so we incorporated one into the machine to give it better displacement and more torque.”


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